Creat your okpay account , Creez votre compte de okpay !

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Creat your okpay account , Creez votre compte de okpay !

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creat your okpay account !

creat your okpay account , perfect payment processor solution for your business online

CREAT YOUR OKPAY ACCOUNT ! Partnership Opportunities Get extra income doing your day-to-day business The OKPAY payment system is interested in cooperating with popular websites and Internet business projects. One thing is quite clear: the more you and your Internet business clients use OKPAY, the more money you earn! Do business with OKPAY! As a referrer you will get: From 10% to 20% per any fee on referred user transactions From $0.25 to $3 per debit card order From $0.10 to $0.20 per debit card load From 0.25% to 0.5% per e-money deposit From $0.50 to $1 per bank withdrawal Learn more about money earning with OKPAY Referral Program ?» Start making money! for E-Currency Exchangers If your financial activities involve dealing with e-currencies and you have practical experience in field of electronic payments, there is a great opportunity for you to become our Certified Partner as well as participate in referral bonus program. List of Certified Exchangers for an Online Shop/Service We offer excellent services for online merchants, including those representing famous brands. In addition to quality payment processing you will receive handsome bonuses for attracting new users! List of Online Merchants for E-Commerce Developers If you are developing an e-commerce system, just create a module for accepting OKPAY payments -- in return you will receive royalties on referring new users. Please share your willingness to participate with us. Supported Shopping Carts for Blog/Forum Owners With our know-how, you will not even have to write posts with a special referral link. Instead, all visitors from your resource will automatically become your referrals. Just inform us about your willingness to participate in this program and we will do the needful. for Country Representatives If your financial activities involve dealing with e-currencies and you have an online resource which is popular (very important!) in your country, this is a great opportunity for you to become our Country Representative and get paid for that! Tell us about your abilities to promote Promotional Information You are free to use the graphics below in your articles, on your websites, etc. for the sole purpose of promoting our service. Any other employment of these resources is strictly prohibited. Feel free to use our promotional posters. All images are clickable, even higher resolution vector graphics are available.

Creat your account now ,

Referral Bonus Program
Refer New Users to OKPAY and Earn up to €500.00 EUR for Each Referral.

The Referral Bonus Program rewards you for bringing new users and businesses to OKPAY.

How do I start earning Referral Bonuses?
Send your personalized referral link in an email
Send a brief Referral Email to people you know and include the link below.

When you sign up for OKPAY, you can start accepting payments instantly. OKPAY is the fastest way to open your doors to all users worldwide.
Best of all, it’s completely free to sign up!
To sign up or learn more, click here:

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