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Programme en ligne depuis le 9 février 2012 - Investment project

Agricultural production in China
Coal-producing enterprise in Russia
On the one hand, we have partners and profitable business projects. On the other hand, we have investors and their private capital.
Combining these elements, we have a profitable business in the real economy, provided with capital for growth and expansion.
This site is a platform for private investors, representing an opportunity for easy money investment and subsequent profits from investments.
We connect with thousands of private capital, and obtain funds, making it possible to grow and upgrade really large companies.
We work closely with our business partners, and hold shares of some major companies that we work with. Among those are agricultural production in northern China, and coal-mining enterprises in the center and Far East of Russia.
We try to do our project as conveniently as possible and as a financially attractive tool.
We will be glad to have you as our investors.

Accepte : LR, PM, AP, STP,
Referral commission : 8% - 1%
Plans : (10$ offerts)

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