Music vendor via clickbank looking for advices

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Music vendor via clickbank looking for advices

Message par sayem le Lun 23 Sep 2013 - 19:04

I'm slowly but surely starting on the affiliate marketing world but i'm also selling my own product.

I plan on publishing my website where I sell my music compositions/instrumentals/beats all through the ClickBank vendor process.

Using affiliate marketing techniques, my goal is to increase the traffic toward my website but I also want to involve affiliates in the process and help makes everybody some money (me by selling, affiliates by promoting of course).

So my question is:
Is it a niche that has some potential and that would be attractive to affiliates to promote ?
As experts, have you already seen similar ventures ? How did they go ?

Its not that I won't start my website if the market is non-existent, I will do it anyway because selling my music is something I carry on my heart but I would like to know how I should carry my marketing campaign thanks to the affiliate feedbacks.

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