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Wordpress custom theme development

Message par sayem le Mar 24 Sep 2013 - 10:16


I am working on a custom WordPress theme. On main page, I am showing 10 latest posts and have added a static button called “View all posts” linking to a page where all posts are showing with paging.

Now below are my questions

1. How do I link the button to that page showing all posts (which is a custom template page). If I add it as ?page_id=96 then it shows the id even when I change the URL permalink structure

2. I have two type of posts, one is standard blog posts, other are products, how do I differentiate them as they will be using two different single.php pages.

3. On homepage, products are shown, I want to link them to single.php which will show product details, may be we name that as single-product.php. So for this, what will be the anchor tag for products on homepage? I am using <?php the_permalink() ?> for now

Please help on this.

Thanks in advance

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