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Get Started with Mainston

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Get Started with Mainston

Earn money by completing various tasks provided by us and our members, or get commission for sales as a marketing partner. Create tasks to increase your audience and potential revenue.

Step 1. Join and login to your Mainston Account

Step 2. Activate your Marketing Center -> marketingcenter

Step 3. Add people to your downline by posting your referral link and a short description on Forums, Facebook and Twitter. You will find you referral link at "Marketingcenter" -> "Dashboard"

Step 4. Repeat Step 3 as often as possible.

Step 5. Benefit.

(Optional) Step 6. Upgrade your membership
To increase your commission rate to up to 20% and activate more income-levels, please see all available packages at "Marketingcenter" -> "Marketing Center Upgrade" or click the link below.

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Money Maker Amateur

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