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Interesting program, similar to Bitconnect. Offers lending to volatility trading bot as investment opportunity. ICO currently in progress.

Westerncoin is cryptocurrency or digital money used for secure and instant transfer of value anywhere in the world like Bitcoin


Lending - Lend Westerncoin to the volatility bot, making money on market changes throughout the day.

* Earn up to 7% Yearly by holding Westerncoin in your wallet.

Affiliate Program

Get Started
For now we're in the ICO phase. To get started you'll need to transfer Bitcoin (BTC) to your BTC wallet on westerncoin.co and then purchase Westercoin from the current lot of available coins. Once the ICO is complete you'll be able to participate in the lending program.

Post Updates
2017-10-07 - fixed typo in title

Our Deposit:
BTC amount: 0.01149791 BTC

Additional Information
Sign Up for Westerncoin: Click Here
Home Money Maker DeLuxe
Home Money Maker DeLuxe

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