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Damian Brink Club - damianbrink.com

Message par IncredibleEarnings le Mar 10 Oct 2017 - 17:54

I'm not the admin! Smile

PS: Invested here with own money

Start: 10/10/2017

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My name is Damian van der Brink, I live and work in the Netherlands.

Today, a significant number of people earn on trading crypto-currencies. It is possible to obtain a sufficiently high profit by buying and selling crypto-currencies on the fluctuation of the exchange rate.

I am a graduate economist and financial analyst, therefore it is quite natural that since the advent of digital currencies they have come to the sphere of my interests

I have a friend programmer who created this website for all the club members and who will further develop it, fill it with various useful ideas and technical innovations in the site building industry.

Many people were skeptical about everything that concerns crypto-currencies at the initial stage of their development, but I had a different opinion, and I was sure that eventually they would become full-fledged means of payment with a high level of volatility.

Here's some information about me:

Name: Damian van der Brink
Birthdate: May 7, 1982
Address: Eemnesserweg 102,
1221 EB Hilversum, Netherlands
E-mail: dbrink@protonmail.com
Telegram: @dbrinkclub
For more than three years I have been successfully trading the most popular crypto-currencies on specialized and reliable exchanges. My knowledge and work experience in large banking institutions, investment companies and funds played a significant role in my success.

Distribution of my assets:

Bitcoin : 47%
Ethereum : 22%
DASH : 14%
Ripple, NEM : 17%

I am convinced that the more money you invest in the sphere of your activity, along with the knowledge of the details of a particular direction taken, and also the existence of significant experience in this area, the larger profit you generate.

That's why I decided to create my own investment club - damianbrink.com. I invite to mutually beneficial cooperation not only investors with extensive experience, but also people who do not have the time, the necessary knowledge and large capital, those who at the same time want to earn a stable income in the market of crypto-currencies.

Thanks to your investments, I will get an opportunity to increase the number of trade transactions and will be able to buy more crypto currency. In my turn, I will pay each investor a certain percentage of his income.

1.20% to 1.80% per day for 100 business days.

Referral Commission:

Payment Processors:

Minimum Deposit:
0.01 BTC

DDOS Protection
Custom script
Unique Design

Our deposit:
BTC amount: 0.01 BTC

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